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Revised: 2 January 2012

    1. By ordering services from ATOMIC Web Hosting you agree to our Terms of Service Agreement.
    2. ATOMIC Web Hosting reserves the right to modify this Terms of Service Agreement from time to time without any prior notification. The modified agreement will apply to existing and future customers.


    1. ATOMIC Web Hosting reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate your account if we discover that inaccurate account information was entered by the client.
    2. All activities within our servers maybe monitored, recorded, and examined by any authorized personnel, including law enforcement.


    1. If you prematurely terminate a service before the renewal period is over ATOMIC Web Hosting will not refund you for the remaining period.
    2. ATOMIC Web Hosting will suspend your service after five days past the due date and will automatically be unsuspended after such payment is received.
    3. ATOMIC Web Hosting offers a 15 Day Money Back Guarantee, which stipulates that we will refund your payment in full within the first 15 days of your initial order (excluding domain registration fees).


    1. The following materials and/or activities are STRICTLY PROHIBITED by ATOMIC Web Hosting.

    2. IRC software.
    3. Illegal material. Illegal material is defined by The United States of America's laws and regulations.
    4. Torrent trackers.
    5. Spamming in any form, including e-mail spam.
    6. Running stand-alone, server side processes (e.g. game, voice servers).
    7. Hacking sites, proxy sites, and sites promoting illegal activities.
    8. Attempting to gain unauthorized access to any material.
    9. Running a phishing website causing fraud.
    10. ATOMIC Web Hosting will determine if any other content not listed above is illegal.
    11. ATOMIC Web Hosting may suspend and/or terminate accounts in situations that violate any of the above usages.
    12. ATOMIC Web Hosting will not refund the account holder if the above usages has been violated within the money back guarantee period.


    1. ATOMIC Web Hosting will provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee to all its services.
    2. ATOMIC Web Hosting will provide a refund based on the amount of downtime documented.


    1. ATOMIC Web Hosting is not responsible for any materials that are placed on our servers.
    2. ATOMIC Web hosting is not responsible for backing up your data.


    1. ATOMIC Web Hosting main priority is you, the customer. ATOMIC Web hosting will ensure we provide excellent support when you encounter difficult situations.
    2. ATOMIC Web Hosting currently provides support using support tickets. Submitting a support ticket can be raised within the client area at or alternatively you can send an e-mail to the .


  8. Appendix
    1. ATOMIC Web Hosting reserves the right to include traffic generated by all websites it hosts in its overall accounting of page views, unique users and other usage measures. This includes providing web traffic measurement companies with all URLs hosted by the PROVIDER for use in projecting the provider's overall traffic.



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